It is time to rethink what we have long taken for granted.

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The historical short squeeze that r/wallstreetbets and GameStop fans are hoping will repeat itself

The Fearless Girl on Wall Street (Image by @blunkorama on Unsplash).

What is the issue?

Demystifying Church History

Is the Church one of the most anti-feminist institutions around?

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Some things we can still learn from the sophists.

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The Historical Antecedents: Sophists

Why rejecting such behavior might also not best the way to go

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Investigating ‘free speech’, ‘neutrality’, and ‘balance’ in universities.

Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

Of conspiracy theories, echo-chambers, and disparate realities

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Demystifying Church History

Women played prominent roles in the early church movement. So, why have they been forgotten?

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How to tell when chasing productivity becomes unproductive and what to do about it.

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My productivity systems are supposed to serve me, but sometimes it feels like the opposite is true.

As it turns out, the wheel was actually reinvented.

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Esther K.H. Ng

New kid on the Medium block. I write about politics, philosophy, and other stuff. ‘Cat lady’ is an appropriate and coveted label.

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